Zahir Anwar

playwright, Calcutta, India


THE PROBLEM OF RELIGION has been a matter of concern for many scholars, including Dr. Khalid Sohail, a psychiatrist and litterateur of repute. Religious entities have affected considerably the secular mosaic and cultural politics of many parts of the world. The study of history and the dominant religious groups focuses our attention to the more conflicted and disturbed areas of humanity. Furthermore, an in-depth exploration of religious practices and beliefs highlights the terrible historical blunders which have been directly responsible for many conflicts resulting in the loss of innumerable innocent lives. 

In fact, religion, which was met to preach love, truth and universal brotherhood, has been misused by mankind and has generated more hatred than love.

At a time when religious militancy threatens world civilization, Dr. Khalid Sohail delves deep into his personal experiences and his intense study of some of the greatest teachers to seek his own Self and liberate it from the labyrinths of tradition and organized religions. His book From Islam to Secular Humanism discuses at length the philosophical journey of an individual who grew up under the influence religious rhetoric in a patriarchal society. From religion to secular humanism, it was a long and tortuous journey, full of 'doubts, fears and dilemmas'. Powered by dreams and personal mindset, Dr. Sohail describes the long 'journey that matters', and the 'process' that is 'significant'. In his straightforward and fluent narrative, Dr. Sohail voices the anguish and traumas of his soul through and seems to have recognized his real Self through kind of 
liberation from tradition and religious fanaticism. He finally reconciles with secular humanism as the only alternative and the present volume seeks to illustrate the same.