Who Is He?
He is like a cloud
that quenches the thirst and flies away
  He is like a cool breeze
  that wanders from flower to flower
      filling each with fragrance 
He is like a river 
   that passes through villages and cities 
     but nobody knows 
       where it comes from and where it goes 

He has been appearing unexpectedly 
   and disappearing mysteriously 
      as long as people can remember 
Some nights he is found sleeping under a tree 
Some mornings he is discovered 
feeding the birds 
Some evenings he is lost watching the sunset 
He is old, but handsome and graceful 

His hair is long and grey 
       his eyes are brown and beautiful 
He walks slowly, but confidently 
He talks less, but compassionately 
He appears to people 
    only when they need him the most 

He believes 
    all precious things in life are free 
        whether sunshine or fresh air 
            spring water, or pure love 

He encourages people to follow their dreams 
He has no name 
    no place to live 
        no relation to anyone 
Yet, some call him father, others brother 
Some believe he is a poet, others a mystic 
He is many things to many people 
He has been a mystery 
    for generations