By Dr. K. Sohail
Now He Radiates Wisdom
        was born in the house of tradition
        was nurtured by fear and guilt
        grew up  where scriptures rules the world
        felt suffocated in that environment  
        when he become a young man 
            he rebelled
                and ran away from home

He was so agitated
    he could never sit still
He was so restless
                he wandered aimlessly for years
in lonely villages
                deserted cites
                    and estranged countries

His anger kept him running
    running away from himself
And then he met a woman
    a woman who 
        touched his heart
        embraced his soul
        showered him with affection and love
        and washed out
            his anger and resentment and bitterness

He felt free like a bird
    light like a cloud
    liberated like a wild rose
He found peace within himself
    and harmony with others
And now he lives near a lake
    in a cottage he calls a lighthouse
He goes for long walks in the morning
    watches sunsets in the evenings
He plays with birds and animals
    enjoyed the company of books and friends
Rather than following scriptures
    he follows his own heart
People finds his company peaceful and inspiring
    and call him a Darvesh
Now he radiates wisdom