When two people fall in love
Their love
A pure emotion, a noble passion
A reservoir of happiness and inspiration
Flows like a river
Nurturing their growth
Helping them blossom as loving human beings
But when
They decide to get married
And start living together
Legal obstacles
Religious hurdles
Social customs
Cultural traditions
Start to slow down the flow
The river stagnates
Turns into a pond
Happiness starts to disappear
Excitement evaporates
Inspiration dies
The change is so subtle
The transformation so slow
Most people do not realize
Loving someone is different than living with the loved one
Can easily kill spontaneity and creativity
Within months
Soul mates can become room-mates
And after having children
Lovers can transform into strangers
And parents can become
Tired and exhausted
And burnt out as human beings
Many people never realize
Marriage can easily become an obstacle
In human beings becoming fully human
Children can easily rob parents
Of their peace of mind
Rather than liberating
Can become controlling
Lucky are the lovers
Who can protect their love
From religious and legal institutions
From social and cultural traditions
From marital and family obligations
They are the fortunate ones
Who have learnt the art of
Growing alone and growing together.
July 2006


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