Dear Khalid !
 This beautiful well written easy starts with questions and ends creating more questions.
When will the IRTAQA reach the stage where, as Iqbal says,
Aflaaq se aata hai naloon ka jawab aakhir
Kertey hain khitab aakhir, uthtey hai hijab aakhir. 
 It seems to be impossible to collectively reach that stage but with those fortunate ones who achieve such enlightenment;this stage is not Far when they reveal these secrets to mankind. As poets they become juzve e paghambery and say,
Tha zabt bohat mushkil is saile e maani mein
Keh daley Qalander ne asraar e kitab aakhir.
 And going beyond shairi, as Prophets they become role models for the whole mankind.
I do share your grief for the death of a great human being.
Iftikhar Haider 

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