DreamersHe was born in a city
    where dreamers were
         either hanged or crucified
           and years later
               their statutes were erected
                  in the four concerns of the city.

He used to wonder
    if dreamers knew
        they would be hanged or crucified
            why did they share
                their dreams with others?
Whenever he asked this question
    he was always told
        in this city
            not only is dreaming a sin
                  asking questions is prohibited too.
When he studied
    the lives of those dreamers
        he found out
            some were poets, others philosophers
                some were scientists, others saints.
                    He never met any of them
                        for they had all been turned into statues.
As he grew older
    he wished he could dream, too.
        First he felt scared
            but then
                the desire become so strong
                    that he waited day and night
                        to have a dream.
Finally one night
    his wish come true!
        he dreamt that
            he was a fish
                swimming in his mother's womb.
                    He had water all around him,
                            the body of water
                                kept on expanding and growing,
                                    turned into an ocean.
                                        His mother
                                            became Mother Earth
                                                and one fish
                                                    multiplied into hundreds and
                                                        thousands of fish.
Those fish
    lived and swam happily in the ocean
        but then
            they saw some islands
               and dreamt of walking on those islands
                at that time
                    the vastness of the ocean felt smaller
Finally some fish
    jumped out of the water,
        became turtles
            and wandered around the islands.
Gradually those turtles
    turned into dozens of kinds of animals,
        those islands
            turned into jungles.
                The animals lived happily in those jungles 
                            they say trees and mountains
                                and dreamt of flying
                                    so that they could sit on
                                        tree branches and mountain tops.
They stared to jump,
    their legs became wings, and
        they turned into birds
            and flew everywhere.
Some birds 
   dreamt of
    embracing the sun, moon and the stars
        so they flew higher and higher
            turned into clouds
                and wandered around in the skies.
Soon those clouds
    started missing their Mother Earth
        felt lonely
            and cried,
                their tears turned into raindrops.
When those clouds
    touched mountain tops
        they became snow
            and cold wind transformed them
                into snowmen.
They started living on mountains
    like men and women
        had children and families.
                When they saw their children
                    shivering in the cold
                        their hearts melted.
                            They descended to the valleys
                                as rivers
                                    where they divided into tribes
                                        each tribe like each river
                                            had a name and an identity.
But those names and identities
    soon made their lives miserable.
            created ethic, linguistic, and religious differences
                so in spite of being children of the same father
                   they became enemies
                        and fought wars for centuries.
But then
    in every nation and tribe
        some people were born
            who were dreamers
                some were poets, others philosophers
                    some were scientists, others saints.
                        They told their people
                            "Our stories have
                                similar beginnings
                                    and similar endings.
We started our journey
    in the ocean
        and if we keep on flowing
            in our ethnic, linguistic,
                and religious rivers
                    we will all meet
                        in the ocean of humanity.
                            As we evolve
                                we will transform into Gods.
                                    Let's dream together
                                        as Gods are the only beings
                                            that can dream."
But those people
    did not like what they heard
        so they
            either hanged the dreamers, or crucified them,
                their poets and philosophers, scientists and saints
                    whose statues now stand
                        in the four corners of the city.
When the river
    joined the ocean,
        he saw the same hundreds and thousands of fish
            he had seen before
                but that ocean
                    gradually shrank,
                        fish disappeared,
                            and he became a small fish again.
                                Mother Earth
                                    turned into womb of his mother
                                        and he felt as if
                                            God was soon to be born.
When he awoke
    he felt blessed
        he had had his dream!
            But he also knew
                if he shared that dream
                    what his fate would be.