BY Dr. Khalid Sohail




1.      GOD

God is a Rorsharch test for humanity.

                                                2. RELIGIONS

Organized religions are cultural dinosaurs.

                                                3. HELL

Hell is another name for guilty conscience.


Home is not where we were born, it is where we would like to be buried.

                                                5. INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS

Intimate relationships bring out the best and worst in all of us.

                                                6. LOVE

 Love is the art of dreaming, creating and growing together.

                                                7. AFFAIR

An affair is a secret, not necessarily a sexual relationship.

                                                8. GOODBYE

Saying ‘goodbye’ can be far more difficult than saying ‘hello’

                                                9. KNOWING

Sometimes knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do in life.

                   10. DREAMS

.When our dreams shatter, we start to disintegrate individually and collectively.

                                                11. CREATIVITY

 Creativity is the cornerstone of human evolution.

                                                12. CREATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY

 Creative psychotherapy is a special relationship between the patient and the therapist that transforms breakdowns into breakthroughs.

                                                13. HUMANISM

Humanism is the cornerstone of all genuine spiritual and secular traditions in history.

                                                14. EVOLUTION / REVOLUTION

When people get frustrated and dissatisfied with

outdated traditions,

oppressive regimens


unjust political systems,

they want to free themselves from those painful conditions. In those circumstances some choose the road of evolution while others opt for revolution. I believe that both processes are interconnected and complementary. They are both expressions of social change, only the pace and the intensity differ. They are like active and passive phases of personal growth and maturity. In many cases the first phase of social change, the revolutionary phase, gets its energy from the anger and resentment built up over a period of time when the painful, oppressive, unjust and inhumane conditions prevailed. For the second phase of social change, the evolutionary phase, there is a need for positive energy so that a better social and political system can be constructed.

            Revolution and evolution need to go hand in hand. We need enlightened leaders, who, not only have the courage to break from the old and the outdated traditions, but also have the vision, patience and the following to create the new, the progressive and the peaceful system.


The more I write, the more I discover myself,

The more I discover myself, the more I share,

The more I share, the more I connect with others in a meaningful way,

The more I connect with others in a meaningful way,

            the more I discover the secrets of making creative friends,

The more I discover the secrets of making creative friends,

            the more I learn the art of growing together,

The more I learn the art of growing together,

            the more I feel optimistic that our tomorrows

 will be more meaningful and productive than our yesterdays.

                                    16. ENEMIES

We are our own worst enemies. We keep on cutting the branch we sit on.

                                                     17. CHOOSING

We need to choose our enemies more carefully than our friends. We gradually become like our enemies, the way George Bush is acting more and more like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussain, and becoming a fundamentalist dictator.                                                   



18. Even our worst enemies can not do more harm than our own negative thoughts…Harris

19. When I am depressed I feel like a bird with no wings…Harris

20. His only friends are on TV…Mike

21. He is so clumsy it seems as if he has two left hands and two left feet…Rudy

22. We have been married for the last ten years. For the first three we were like soul-mates and for the last seven like room-mates…Alana

23. My therapist told me, “You have a mother who has her emotional arms chopped off. She is unable to hold you and nurture you.”   Susan

24. My doctor who did my hysterectomy eight years ago, still asks me how my periods are. Maybe he forgets…Doreen

25. He will give you his shirt off his back. No, he is so generous, he will give you his skin off his flesh…Mike

26. I feel he is married to TV…Brenda

27. After only 45 minutes sleep every night I feel too tired to deal with my feelings…Susan

28. If you want your son to be a prince, you have to treat his mother like a queen. Prince is not born in the home of a slave…Saeed Anjum

29. I talk more to my cat than my husband.  Kelly

30. Human beings are rationalizing not rational beings…Zamir Ahmed

31. All our lives we create and then edit our memories…Zamir Ahmed