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The Myth of Chosen One by Dr. K. Sohail

There are no realities, only perceptions


The Psychology of Serial killers

Published by White Knight Publication

Message from the publisher

Death is always under all circumstances a tragedy, for if

It is not, then it means that life has become one

-Theodore Rooseuelt, March 12, 1900.

When informed of the topic of my second editing project with Dr. Sohail, I had to shut off the horror that was flooding the creative side of my mind and let myself rely strictly on logic.

I sat listening, almost without comment or question, to my learned colleague until he finished explaining why he had written such a horrific documentary.

Upon discovery of a court's verdict while watching Tv; and by what may appear to be instinct alone, he had rushed half-way around the world to interview the man alleged to have abused and murdered one hundred children, who claimed to be seeking revenge for the death of his mother!

Throughout Sohail's commentary the nagging question continued, "Was I ready to accept the responsibility of helping to develop and publish such a revelation?"

After serious contemplation over the next few days, Il<new that it was a story needing to be told. But if it had not been for the close association with the Crime Writers of Canada, I would have had a much more difficult time with the topic.

What is especially intriguing about this work is the wondering if the accused committed the horrible crimes or not. Like all our books we would be interested in your comments.

V. Wm. (Bill) Belfontaine


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