By  - Dr. Khalid Sohail

When a mother is a traditional woman
Believes in tough love
Has high standards
Expects a lot from her child
Feels disappointed when the child falls short of her expectations
She does not realize
Her creative child might perceive her
More controlling than nurturing
More critical than loving
Such love is like an orange
Bitter skin, sweet pulp
Sometimes it might take years
Even decades
For the creative child to appreciate her motherís traditional love
To peel the bitter skin
And taste the sweet pulp
It is sad that I recognized it
After my mother is gone from this world
It might be too late for her
But for me
It is better late than never
I would like to thank
A wonderful mother
My sweetheart Bette Davis
Who helped me appreciate
My motherís love for me
For the first time in my life
                                                                             Khalid Sohail
                                                                                      Motherís Day