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As a part of her daily routine, Saima rose early to offer her morning prayers. After her prayers she went to the family room to recite the Holy Quran. When she reached up to take her Quran from the shelf, she was surprised to see that it was missing. She thought she might have left it in the basement but it was not there either. Then she went to her son’s room and was shocked to discover that his Quran had also disappeared. Gradually it dawned on Saima that all the family’s copies of the Quran had vanished.
For the previous few weeks Saima had been perturbed by the almost daily television coverage of a minister in America who had announced that on September 11th, he would distribute a few hundred copies of the Quran so that people could burn them publicly. Saima had told her brother Abid that if that happened, the whole nation would be cursed. In that frame of mind, Saima had started to include in her prayers a petition to God for forgiveness of the world’s sins.

Perplexed over the disappearance of all of the Qurans, Saima called her neighbor Sabira asking to borrow one of hers. When Sabira went to get it, she was shocked to discover that her Quran was also missing. When the two women panicked and called all of their friends, they were informed that no copy of the Quran could be found anywhere.
“But why?” they wondered. Every body offered opinions:
“God has taken back all the Qurans.”
“Allah cannot see His holy book insulted.”
“God has promised to safeguard the Quran”
“We are all going to be cursed.”
Suddenly Saima’s brother ran into the house, out of breath. He gasped, “Sister, something terrible has happened.”
“What’s wrong?” Saima asked fearfully.
“When I went to pray, I found the mosque destroyed. Nothing left but ruins.”
“What about other mosques?”
“They’ve all been demolished.”
“Abid, something terrible happened here too. Our Qurans are missing. I called all of my friends and theirs have disappeared as well.”
“I think the Day of Judgment is coming.”
“Abid, these are signs of a terrible curse.”

Saima and Abid watched the evening news and were horrified to learn that on the morning of September 11th, all the heavenly books including Quran, the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Geeta were missing, and all the houses of God including mosques, temples, churches and synagogues had been demolished. The entire world was plunged into a spiritual crisis. Religious leaders felt that perhaps all holy places had been cursed, as they had become the seats of violence and terror rather than peace and love.

For the next few weeks all the ordinary citizens of the world like Saima and Abid were anguished and lost. They felt emotionally and spiritually adrift without their holy books and places of worship. Such a situation forced the leaders of all nations and traditions to come together to seek a solution to this world crisis. They organized a conference with the goal of creating a new holy book. They asked people to offer their best books of wisdom literature for consideration. Leaders submitted the writings of their best poets, writers and philosophers. Such literature included sayings of Confucius, poems of Kabir Das, Bullay Shah, William Blake and Walt Whitman and speeches of Chief Seattle.
At the end of the conference it was decided that in the 21st century the world needed a new philosophy that would promote the idea of One God, One Religion, One World and One Humanity.
Following the conference, the media broadcast many programs covering the new and unified position on religion. In one program, a psychologist, a mystic and a humanist philosopher were invited to share their ideas.

The psychologist said that humans still need a God and a Holy Book as it fulfills a spiritual need.
The mystic stated that we no longer need a heavenly God. God is present inside all of us and speaks through our conscience.

The humanist philosopher shared that the future of humanity depends upon the development of self awareness, inner wisdom and social conscience in each individual.
It is possible that as humanity recovers it might transform this breakdown
Into a breakthrough and realize that all human beings are part of one human family as they are all children of Mother Earth.

September 11, 2010