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Dr. Khalid Sohail
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
In my clinical practice, as a psychotherapist, I meet so many people everyday who have lost their dreams. They look and feel sad. When I interview them I find out they have no goal, no ambition, no ideal, no passion and no dream. They do not live, they just exist. The more I get to know them and hear their stories, the more I realize that they had dreams as children and as teenagers. They wanted to become scientists and artists, poets and philosophers, musicians and athletes, teachers and professors, reformers and revolutionaries but they did not find parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers and principals, neighbors and ministers, who believed in their dreams. They did not find good role models so they got involved in the struggles of survival and took responsibilities of day to day lives and lost their dreams on the way. They work hard just to pay rent and bills. They work too much and play too little.
Many of my patients come to see me as they have heard of my Green Zone Philosophy and ask their doctors and nurses and social workers to refer them to me hoping that I will help them get over their sadness and lead a happy, healthy and peaceful life that I call Green Zone Living. When I introduce them to my Green Zone Philosophy, I share with them that there are two parts to their personality
A, Natural Self
B, Conditioned Self
I share with them that Natural Self was that part of their personality that they were born with. That was the gift life had offered them. Rather than exploring and developing their Natural Self they developed their Conditioned Self because of the conditioning they received from their families, communities and cultures. I tell them that they are sad, unhappy and miserable because their Conditioned Self, which is guided by what they should do, is suffocating their Natural Self, which is guided by what they love to do. I share with them that nobody took a special interest in their hidden talent and potential. But now they are adults and can develop their natural gift and find a new balance between their Natural and Creative Self.
I suggest to them that they need to have a Green Zone Hour everyday in which they focus on what they love to do.
Once people start doing what they love to do they nurture their Natural Self and it develops into their Creative Self. They develop a hobby, which transforms into a passion and then into their dream and they become their own dream catchers. After they develop their hobby, their passion and their dream I ask them to share it with their dear ones, their friends and colleagues, relatives and neighbors, their family of the heart. The more they share their special gift with others the happier they become. And the more they enjoy their lives, the more they can serve their communities and inspire others to become dream catchers.
Today I am invited by my wonderful friend Mike Ansari who is a dream catcher. He has shared his dream in the form of a book named How To Be At Your Best. He wants to encourage young boys and girls, men and women to become dream catchers and wants to encourage parents and teachers, aunts and uncles, principals and grandparents to become good role models and inspire these young dream catchers to make their dreams a reality. In his book he has shared wonderful stories about great personalities all the way from Oprah Winfrey to Stephen Spielberg, from Bill Gates to Bill Clinton, from Mohandas Gandhi to Abraham Linclon. He shares how each one of them had to overcome hurdles to be successful in life. I will just quote the example of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of United States. Ansari writes, “Lincoln failed many more times than he succeeded
1832 He lost his job.
1833 Failed in business.
1835 Sweetheart died.
1836 Had nervous breakdown.
1838 Defeated for Speaker.
1843 Defeated for nomination for Congress.
1848 Lost re-nomination.
1949 Rejected for land officer position.
1854 Defeated for U S Senate
1856 Defeated for nomination for Vice President
1860 Elected President…..success !
Lincoln led his country through its greatest crisis, the Civil War, only to be assassinated less than a month after the war ended.”
Ansari’s stories highlight that those who believe in their dream and want their dream to come true are willing to pay a price for it. Whether they were revolutionaries like Bacha Khan of Pakistan or Nelson Mandela of South Africa who spent quarter of a century in jail and still came out smiling not bitter or reformers like Martin Luther King Jr and Mohandas Gandhi who were assassinated for their ideals, they were willing to pay a price for their dreams. The bigger the dream the bigger the price.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike Ansari is an inspiring personality and I feel honored that he invited me to be part of this celebration. Mike Ansari is a wonderful friend who has a lot of energy and enthusiasm and tries to help people catch their dreams socially, culturally and creatively as well as professionally and then make them a reality. I wish him great success in his personal, professional and creative life. I hope he can create a big community of dream catchers who discover their creative talents, share them with others and serve their communities to the best of their abilities to create a peaceful Green Zone World. Mike Ansari and I have different personalities but common goals. We want others to discover their dreams. I do it professionally, he does it socially. That is why when he invited me to his function; I gladly joined him and his dear ones to celebrate the birth of his new book with him. I wish him all the best and hope that his book becomes a source of inspiration for many young men and women.

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