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Dear Sohail!

            At the out set I am extremely sorry for the delay in writing you. It is simply unpardonable. I do not wish to cite reasons. There was absolutely none. In fact I could not really find the right mood to communicate, though, off course there were sessions of communication with you long hours of silent monologue. But that is perhaps no compensation for the one who is on the other side of imagination.

      However, I beg you pardon.

      Your small and delicate card with a few representative couplets on the front page was a treat to watch. I still watch it and praise it. Your emotional impression about my book really flattered me for days (one reason of delving deep into lethargy). I am just a simple scribble. Camus had been my first love so somehow; I paid my homage to the great soul!

I am touched to think that u r so close to me. I wish I could meet you in my teens when I was like a tornado. I wish to relive those days, once again, with you. Javed knows it full well, that; in diamonds (a local hotel of Muslim intelligentsia, now so-called intelligentsia) I brought waves of fear among my contemporaries.

      Now I am a sane person with absolutely proper estimation of my own self. I am an ordinary mortal. I write because this is one area where I can express myself. Good or bad, I live it to the people.

      You are among those who have some inborn talents. I am self-made. Hence I consider myself an intruder into the world of Urdu literature.

      I do not know if ever I will make it to Canada but there is 99% chance for me to at least once in my life –time visit U.S.A. there stays a man whom I consider a saint-a heaven sent persona for me. To tell you in a nutshell, I do not allow any single day to pass without memorizing him. He is Peter- my friend, my brother. Pray that I may keep my promise to meet him in his own place.

      In near future there is no chance at all to undertake a luxurious trip. Till then we must communicate through this best art of letter- writing. I hope you agree.

      Here, it is not easy to create literature. Drudgery, day in and day out does not allow one to indulge frequently in too the luxury of creation. But you or the best of the people write so much.

      Sohail, one thing I should say you clearly, your creative energy is abundant and you use it intelligently. Hence prepare yourself for some greater work.

      What about this Urdu Canada! I sent a book to Shaheen. He did not write me whether he has received it. I wrote him for a review. Well I don’t know. Leave it to the fate of book.

      Soon I will write you even if you do not write me. I must pay the penalty.

                                       Always yours

                                           Zahir Anwar


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