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Dear Anita,

          It was so wonderful to receive your surprise call yesterday and it was so exciting to have dinner with you and Kamran and talk about how people dream and how their dreams come true.

          As far as my life story is concerned I grew up in a traditional, religious and conservative family, community and culture in Pakistan. When I became a teenager I realized that I was a non-traditional and creative person. When I fell in love with books and written words I started spending more and more time in the libraries and enjoyed an imaginary dialogue with poets and philosophers that was very inspiring.

          As a teenager I had a number of dreams.

I dreamt of becoming a philosopher, a writer and a poet.

I dreamt of becoming a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist so that I can be a healer and help people in decreasing their human sufferings.

I dreamt of traveling all over the world.


I dreamt of creating a large circle of friends from all communities and cultures.

          Now that I look back at my life I feel proud that I’VE MADE IT. So if I die tonight I will have no regrets as I was fortunate to be able to fulfill all of my dreams. It was an exciting, sometimes painful journey but it was all worth it.

          While traveling on my creative journey from BEING to BECOMING I have discovered a philosophy of a happy, healthy and peaceful life that I call Green Zone Living. To make my life successful and meaningful as a writer and an artist I took the challenge of creating a series of Green Zone Books and producing a series of Green Zone documentaries so that I can share my encounters with life and what I learnt from them with my clients and colleagues, family and friends hoping that my philosophy may help more and more people in making their lives more meaningful and peaceful. I will be sharing my books and documentaries in my Green Zone Seminar on Friday July 11th, 2008. I hope you can attend that seminar and later on share your feedback.

          Now that I am in my fifties, I feel so excited that I have a close circle of sincere and creative friends, that I call my Family of the Heart, that helps me in my creative work. We dream and create together, You are more than welcome to join that circle,

          Please share with me what were your dreams as a teenager and what are your dreams now and how I can be of some help to make your creative dreams come true.



July 3rd, 2008

PS…Please extend my thanks to Kamran and ask him to extend my hello to Ziad and ask him if he can find and buy my book published in India by Diamond Pocket Books Delhi in English as well as in HIndi.

Title…Love, Sex and Marriage

Authors…Dr Khalid Sohail and Bette Davis

PSS…Did you google Books on Board and type Dr Khalid Sohail to see my books distributed by them.