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1.Do you believe in God? If you do why? 

Yes I do, I do believe  in God. I do believe in God because I see God and I feel God inside me. My God is not the one looking forward to punishing me in the end. My God is looking at my slightest good intention and smallest effort and rewards me by giving me strength  to do better.  

2. What is you concept/experience of God?

My concept of God is a biggest possible power, looking after me taking care of me. and always asking me to listing to your heart. I have this constant dialogue with my God, who guides me, loves me and helps me to get through the hardest hurdles. I have been through  all those problems with the help of God. This is my experience of God. Atheist  people call it this their conscience. I call it Light of God inside me. 

3.How is your belief system different than the belief system of your family and community  of origin?

My belief system does not have any ritualistic values only spiritualistic values. Everything is intention. I believe in the spiritual part of every religion. which takes you mind and conscience to a stage where all human being are same. all lives are Sacred and loving fellow human being is loving and pleasing God. 

4.How did you become an Atheist / Agnostic / Free Thinker / Humanist?

I do not believe in these categories, defined by academicians. The same person could be all of the above and keep switching between these roles. Human mind is not constant, it keeps changing. I have been in every category. The freest of free thinkers sometimes have opinions not so free. They think freely within their domain. 

5.Why do you believe in a Religion?

For the same reason for which some people listen to their inner voice or listen to their heart. I do not believe my religion dominates my personality. I thing my personality dominates how I want to believe in religion. 

6.Why do you practice your preferred religion [Islam / Christianity / Judaism / Hinduism / Sikhism / Native Spirituality etc] as opposed to not any other religious or spiritual tradition? 

I believe in the spirit of all the religions. All religions have the same intention of getting closer to God by doing good deeds. To me the best possible good deed is to be nice and just to your fellow human beings. The way I practice my religion, I could be any religion It does not matter. It is like asking an atheist which God you do not believe in? For the same reason those who believe in one God, it could be any religion, they are all referring  to the same God. 

7.Do you believe in giving Religious Education to children at home and in schools? 

No, I do not believe in giving religious education at school. it is only moral education, which children learn from their role models or their parents. Not from what they teach them but from what they see them doing. formal religious education is mere advertising, I think. 

8.Why canít we teach our children different religious and spiritual and secular traditions as part of history and let them decide when they become adults?

I think it is not a fair assumption that every religious person is non secular. We could practice any religion and still raise very secular children. Everybody understands and practices  their respective religion with a varying degrees. I think even now people have their own mind when it comes to following a religion. Does not matter what they are taught. In their social circle they might say similar things but in their hearts every body is different. 

9. What are your views about the relationship between Religion and State?

They should be two totally different things. One absolutely should not influence other. 

10. Where you do get your guidance about your moral and ethical values?

It is not that hard to figure out. You do not need a book to know it is good to feed a poor or help a person in need or do not abuse power. what you do not like for yourself do not do to others. It is that simple. Everybody has that absolute  justice system built within. Some times we crush it and it starts malfunctioning. 

11. Are you single or married?

      Kind of married. 

12. If you are single is it out of your own choice?

Yes, Do you know about the people who are always single. even though they have a wife/husband. I am mentally single by choice. This is not that type of single seeking partners. This single is very comfortable with himself/herself. and does not need anyone to complement him/her. 

13. What are your views about celibacy?

 We should let people alone, let them do what they are comfortable in. It is nobody's damn business. 

14. Why did you get married? Was it an arranged or a love marriage?

Million dollar question, I ask myself every single day, five time. Arranged. I do not have the slightest illusion that If I was married to this person/that person I would not be asking this question. why did I get married? I don't know. 

15. Do you believe in platonic relationships between men and women?

No, I only believe in reasonable relationship between men and women. Where they both allow themselves to grow individually, for their collective growth. 

16. Are you gay or lesbian?

Would it matter to you. What do you make of it if I say yes. and what will you make of it if I say no. 

17. Have you shared your gay / lesbian lifestyle with your family and community?

Those who believe that state and religion should be separate. also believe that their sex lives are private. Not everyone has to know about.  

18. What was the reaction of your family and community?

If I was gay/Lesbian and Had I told them my family would be devastated. not because I  would burn in hell, I donít think anyone really believe that but they would worry about their friends and relatives that what will they say. As you know we are very hypocritical society, they would tell me ok do whatever you do, donít say it in public. 

19. What do you think of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages in Canada?

I have no problem there. If it was up to me I would legalize all the relationships where basis is love, and nullify all the loveless marriages where abuse takes place. In my humble opinion, people are staying together for millions of compromise Reasons  but most acceptable one is I live with him/her is because I love him/her. We all know the truth behind it but no one says anything. 

20. Do you have a gay or lesbian friend or relative?

Yes. I friend was back then. 

21. What do you think different Religions and Scriptures say about gay and lesbian lifestyle?

We do not do most of the things according to the religions and scriptures. then why make  such a big deal about it. Judging people is Godís job not ours. 

22. Are you an immigrant? For how long have you been living outside your motherland?

Yes,  more than fifteen years. My opinion has nothing to do with my living in North America .  I had this opinion when I came here. My gay/lesbian friends were back home.  

23. What do you consider the cultural differences between the two cultures?

 Actually I do not see too much of a cultural differences. Yes there are some. I still treat my friends from here same way I treated my friends in the country of my Birth. I do not feel that in this country I have to behave very different. Most of the things are same. When I help my friend he/she is very grateful. When I betray a friend he is hurt. When I talk about my child my eyes lit up. Same is true for my friends here. No body forces me not be religious, nobody forces me to do adultery and do immoral or Dishonest things. I never have paid bribe to get anything done. I do not think that to live in this country I have to become someone else. This is the beauty of this country and I am a very proud Canadian. I am proud of my good values and open to adapt new values. Life is simple. 

24. How do you deal with your cultural conflicts?

I do not see a lot of cultural conflict.  

25. Are you a Creative Person?

Yes and no anyone can be a creative person given the opportunity. 

26. How do you express your creativity [ write, paint, act or make films or in other forms] ?

Yes I write. but for myself I do not take the trouble of publishing. At the most I tell my opinion to friends. I talk very passionately about certain issues. which are not touched in your survey at all. 

27. Do you share your Creations with your family and community?

Yes I do. They like it and say you should have it published.  

28. What are the reactions of your family and community about your Creative Expressions?

Not much.  

29. Did you experience emotional and social problems because of your Creative Personality and Lifestyle?

       No, I did not. 

30. How do you cope with those emotional and social problems?

I do not see a shrink. I believe all have a shrink inside of us if we open up to it. so I do my own therapy and it works. At least I think it does. 


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