By  - Dr. Khalid Sohail


Dear friends,

I want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, the day when people share their love and affection with their dear ones. I also want to send you a Valentine’s Gift. It is a gift that took us seven years to prepare. It is our new website titled

In this website we are introducing a 7 Step Self help Program that includes our 3 Green Zone Books

The Art of Living in Your Green Zone

The Art of Loving in Your Green Zone

The Art of Working in Your Green Zone

and our latest book

Green Zone Living…7 Steps to a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful Lifestyle.


It also includes 2 videos

…a 40 minutes video titled Green Zone Lifestyle that includes testimonies of people who benefited from the Green Zone Philosophy and

…a 60 minutes video Green Zone Stories in which we discuss Green Zone Therapy with people with emotional problems. This video will be of special interest to health care professionals.

          This program is developed to help people who want to improve their quality of life as well as those who suffer from emotional problems.

          We have included 3 questionnaires so that people can do their own assessment and decide how much they can help themselves and whether they need professional help or not. After benefiting from the 7 Step Self Help Program they have a choice to get professional help by sending their questionnaires and their life story to us and ask questions so that our professional Green Zone Team can respond to their questions.

          I hope you will not only visit our website but also share it with your dear ones and send us your feedback so that we can improve our program.

          Creating this Green Zone Living Program is my humble way to be part of creating a happy, healthy and peaceful Green Zone World. I hope you join me in this attempt to increase mental health awareness.

          I would like to thank Bette Davis, Aamir Hasan and Shahid Shafiq in creating the website and videos. Without their support I would not have been able to fulfill this dream. And now without your help I cannot make the dream of touching more and more people come true. I hope you join the Green Zone Team. Looking forward to your letters for my Green Zone Blog, a new adventure for me.

All the best.
Khalid Sohail
February 14th, 2008