I just came back from a long walk of Killarney. Like many other small towns of Ireland, it also has a small peaceful downtown. While standing at a street corner I could see

    …one young man selling groceries

    …two middle aged women selling ornaments

    …three little girls getting their hair braided

    …an old man collecting garbage

    …an old woman coming out of Trigger Happy clothing store

    …two confused men rushing to a bank


    …a sad mother and daughter coming out of a library

    And then I looked at the newsstand. The headline of a newspaper stated that two doctors were arrested in London by the police as a part of a terrorist investigation of Al Qaeda network in England.

    I wondered:

    Are these doctors healers or murderers?

    How can they threaten the lives of innocent men, women and children?

    Are we living in a world of contradictions where

    Violence and peace

    Hate and love

    Have started living next door to each other?

    How tragic!

    How sad!


                                                                                          July 2007