Enjoying her Ireland trip
Celebrating her 75th birthday
Became nervous
A bit apprehensive
Rather afraid
She knew
To kiss the famous Blarney Stone
She had to climb 101 stairs
That could make anyone breathless
She had to pass through a narrow staircase
That made many people claustrophobic
She had to get to the top of the castle
Where people
Who are afraid of heights
Start shaking and shivering
Breathing shallow
Hearts beating faster
Cold sweats on foreheads
Experiencing panic attacks
Joan would not do all that
Even to kiss a man
But her daughter Bette
And her granddaughter Adriana
Encouraged her
And inspired her
And her special friend Sohail
Reassured her
Asking her not to worry
Reminding her
She is traveling with a doctor and a nurse
If she did not kiss the Blarney Stone
She might regret it for the rest of her life
So Joan went to the top of the castle
Looked around
Took a few deep breaths
And then
While lying on her back
Leaning forward
Holding tight to the metal bars
She finally kissed the Blarney Stone
Kissed it twice
Kissed it passionately
While Adriana took pictures
Weeks have passed
But whenever
Joan meets an Irish man or woman
She shows pictures
And tells the fascinating story
Visiting Ireland
With great eloquence
She reminds me of those Muslims
Who go to Saudi Arabia
Perform pilgrimage
Kiss hajr-e-aswad…the Black Stone
That Abraham used to build Mecca
By going to Blarney Castle
Joan performed her Irish Pilgrimage
It was a special trip
A trip she will never forget.
                                                For Joan with Love
                                                From her Special Admirer
                                                                   July 2007