By  - Dr. Khalid Sohail


I am a small man

But I have a big heart

And ocean of love flows in it

It is so vast

If you stand on one shore

You will not be able to see the other

When I say “I LOVE YOU”

I feel embarrassed

As words are clichés

And inadequate to express my intense feelings

They are small cups

That do not do justice

To the ocean of love

I offer you my silent hugs and kisses and cuddles

As silences are more profound than words

I hope one day

You will not doubt my love

I hope one evening

You will have the same faith in me

As you have in the morning sun

You had a long dark night of suffering

I hope you can enjoy the long day of happiness

I have suffered enough for generations

Now I enjoy my peaceful life

Living on my Green Island

You have lived on the island of Newfoundland all your life

You are more than welcome

To join me on my Green Island

Drink from the ocean of love

This ocean does not have salty water

It is full of milk and honey

Let us start a new chapter of our lives

We may not be each other’s first love

But we can make our love

Our lasting last love


                                                                             May 10th 2006…5am