Thanksgiving Day


    She thinks in colours
                The way I think in words
    She is aware
                Colours like words
                            Have personalities and characters
                                        Some are mischievous, others gentle
                                        Some are angry, others kind
                                        Some are devilish, others saintly
                                        Some are contradictory, others complimentary
    With colours
                She writes poems and stories and dialogues
                Imprints them on her clothes, quilts, furniture and walls
    Every morning
                With the sun of her imagination
                A rainbow rises from the depths of her being
                As a wheel of colour goes round and round in her soul
                And colours the world around her
    Everyday she creates rainbows
                Rainbows of colours and ideas and feelings
                Rainbows that
                            Please the eyes
                            Inspire the minds
                            Fascinate the hearts
    From head to toe
                She is the most colourful woman I have known
    Her colours add charm and charisma to her character
                Making her pleasing to the eyes and the heart     
    No wonder I call her a rainbow woman
                                                                                      Sohail                                         Thanksgiving Day
    October 10th, 2004