When you were a little girl
    you used to catch
    small innocent dreams
    dreams of nice food
    beautiful toys
    exciting music
    and wonderful trips
    When you were young
    You used to catch
    medium sized average dreams
    dreams of loving relationships
    a nice job and a comfortable home
    But those dreams
    turned into nightmares
    as love got poisoned
    with jealousy and betrayal
    Now you are older and wiser
    and you want to catch big dreams
    dreams of creativity and spirituality and serving humanity
    as you have gained more knowledge and experience
    But to catch big dreams
    you have to fly higher
    and to fly higher
    you have to feel lighter
    and let go the burden of nightmares
    To get in touch with a bright future
    you have to let go the dark past
    To embrace an optimistic tomorrow
    you have to let go the pessimistic yesterday
    To fly in the sky
    you have to let go the earth
    Eagles fly higher
    but they fly alone
    leaving their families behind
    You want to catch big dreams
    they are hoping you are ready for them
    as they are waiting for you
                                                                                 March 2003
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