She does not have just one mother
              she is every motherís child
    She does not have just one father
              she is every fatherís child
    She does not have just one mother-land
              she has many mother-lands
    When she grows up
              and travels the world
                       and passes through different
                                 valleys and mountains
                                 deserts and jungles
                                 villages and cities
    she will discover
                                                              birds of Asia
                                                              animals of Africa
                                                              fish of South America
                                                              trees of the Middle East
                                                              people of Europe
    When she 
              reads poems of the rich
              sings songs of the poor
              experiences struggles of the third world
              enjoys luxuries of the first world
    When she inherits
              religions of the East
    literatures of the South
    sciences of the West
    She will grow up to be a wise woman
    and will gradually become aware
                       she belongs to the whole world
                                 and the whole world belongs to her
    She will be proud to realize
              she is the daughter of the world.
    For Adriana on her twelfth birthday
                                                                       With affection from Sohail

                                                                                 July 2002

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