Dear Dr Sohail, 

I was so riveted by your recent book, Prophets of Violence, Prophets of Peace.  I liked the way that you told the story of these revolutionary icons.  I find it a struggle in my own creation of reality when confronting intolerant regimes.  Many of the revolutionaries that you wrote about were operating within these regimes, some opted to challenge the system with violence (after other means had failed), whilst others maintained a need to refrain from engaging their oppressor in their own violent language.  Sometimes I wonder how Ghandi was able to maintain his stance of non-violent opposition when faced with such contempt, spite and brutality.  I also appreciated how you talked about the current American administration and their foreign policy, I am glad that I am not the only one who sees the current situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan the list is endless which is disconcerting in its own right brought about by a need to gain access and control over other countries natural resources, or in the case of Afghanistan, attempt to erase past mistakes. 

Thank you for such an inspired read. 

Louise Potts

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