Dr. Khalid Sohail        



Q -1. Do you believe in God? If you do Why?

A - 1. I believe in God because God is love.

Q -2. What are your concept / experience of God?

A - 2. God is in me I breathe God in and out every minute of my life.

Q - 3. How is your belief system different than the belief system of your family and community of origin?

A - 3. I believe in equality and to me every one who is good to humanity will go to paradise not just Muslims.

Q- 4. How did you become an Atheist / Agnostic / Free Thinker / Humanist?

A - 4. I was born different and I challenged the hypocrisy and double standards of the society.

Q - 5.Why do you believe in a Religion?

A - 5. Religion gives me peace and guidelines.

Q - 6.Why do you practice your preferred religion [Islam / Christianity / Judaism / Hinduism / Sikhism / Native Spirituality etc] as opposed to not any other religious or spiritual tradition?

A - 6. I love Islam because Islam is a complete code of life.

Q - 7. Do you believe in giving Religious Education to children at home and in schools?

A - 7 I believe in giving religious education to children at home but not in schools.

Q - 8. Why can’t we teach our children different religious and spiritual and secular traditions as part of history and let them decide when they become adults?

A - 8 Yes we can teach our kids about other religions to create harmony and better understanding . But as a Muslim Allah has chosen the best religion for us.

Q - 9. What are your views about the relationship between Religion and State?

A - 9. Religion should not be business of state. These are two separate things.

Q - 10. Where you do get your guidance about your moral and ethical values?

A - 10. From my parents, holy Quran, and Holy Prophet Muhammed MPBH. 


Q - 11. Are you single or married?

A - 11. Single

Q - 12. If you are single is it out of your own choice?

A - 12. I have no choice cuz’ it is hard to find a genuine life partner in Canada.

Q - 13. What are your views about celibacy?

A - 13. There is no harm in Celibacy if one can do it purely for spiritual empowerment.

Q - 14. Do you believe in platonic relationships between men and women?

A - 14.YES

Q - 15. Are you gay or lesbian?

A - 15.YES

Q - 16. Have you shared your gay / lesbian lifestyle with your family and community?

A - 16.For your kind info it is NOT a lifestyle. Being   Gay/Lesbian is by birth not by choice.Yes I have come out to few members of my family.

Q - 17. What was the reaction of your family and community?

A - 17. It was like an earthquake plus tornado hitting my family.

Q - 18. What do you think of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages in Canada?

A - 18. Ans…I am proud to say that finally Canada did the right thing.

Q - 19. Do you have a gay or lesbian friend or relative?

A - 19. Ans…YES

Q - 20. What do you think different Religions and Scriptures say about gay and lesbian lifestyle?

A - 20. Ans…Though they all condemn but all religions or scriptures have been wrongfully interpreted by straight people due to homophobia.


Q - 21. Are you an immigrant? For how long have you been living outside your motherland?

A - 21. 10 years

Q - 22. What do you consider the cultural differences between the two cultures?

A - 22. Religion, race, Language, and skin colour

Q - 23. How do you deal with your cultural conflicts?

A - 23. Being very realistic that some basic differences will be there forever and no one can erase them.


Q - 24. Are you a Creative Person?

A - 24. YES

Q - 25. How do you express your creativity [ write, paint, act or make films or in other forms] ?

A - 25. Ans: I write, act, draw, sing,  dance and make films

Q - 26 Do you share your Creations with your family and community?

A - 26. Ans: YES

Q - 27. What are the reactions of your family and community about your Creative Expressions?

A - 27. Ans: They all feel very proud and they appreciate it very much.

Q - 28. Did you experience emotional and social problems because of your Creative Personality and Lifestyle?

A - 28. YES sometimes because we are extra sensitive.

Q - 29. How do you cope with those emotional and social problems?

A - 29. Respecting others and trying to understand the differences. Sometimes people are just ignorant and we just ignore them.

Thank you for sharing your philosophy and lifestyle.


Name : Jawed Akhter
Age: Young for ever
Place of Birth: Hyderabad, Sindh.
Present Address: Toronto, Canada



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