"My experience is of an energy that is motivated by intention."

BY - Dr. Khalid Sohail

    Name - Cindy Taub
    Age  -    60
    Place of Birth  - California, USA
    Present Address -  6587 Soper Rd., Newtonville, Ontario L0A 1J0
    Email -


    Do you believe in God? If you do Why?

    Not a God that represents any religion.

    What are your concept / experience of God?

    My experience is of an energy that is motivated by intention.

    How is your belief system different than that of your family and community of origin?

    My family values were not religious; they were more materialistic with some kindness and interest in their fellow man thrown in.

    How did you become an Atheist / Agnostic / Free Thinker / Humanist?

    I am grateful to my grandmother, because of her true devotion to a form of Christianity.

    I was able to experience the teachings of the Christian God and to then learn how to question those values for my own life.

    Why do you believe in a Religion?

    At this stage of my life I do not believe in Religion as a positive force for our world.

    Why do you practice your preferred religion [Islam / Christianity / Judaism / Hinduism / Sikhism / Native Spirituality etc] as opposed to not any other religious or spiritual tradition? -

    Do you believe in giving Religious Education to children at home and in schools?

    In the home it is the choice of the family; In school as a form of Social Studies and History.

    Why can’t we teach our children different religious and spiritual and secular traditions as part of history and let them decide when they become adults?

    I see no downside to children being informed.

    What are your views about the relationship between Religion and State?

    I think they should be separate

    Where you do get your guidance about your moral and ethical values?

    It has been different during different times in my life but just now I think it is from   questions I try to ask myself - How does this value, opinion or action affect others?

    How do I want to be seen and responded to and am I giving that to others.

    Am I being fair, am I sharing.


    Are you single or married?


    If you are single is it out of your own choice?

    What are your views about celibacy?

    It should be everyone’s choice

    Why did you get married? Was it an arranged or a love marriage?

    A love marriage. (although, perhaps, all marriages are arranged in some ways?)

    I wanted my husband to be my partner, I believed we would be able to make and   share a good life together, partly because we are so different; I felt encouraged in            areas where I was not strong and I felt my strengths could thrive in our being       together. (Also excitement, fascination and lust) I was older when I married but I    was  still caught up in the advertisement of marriage, that the magic of IT would ensure a happy ever-after and guarantee the intimacy I so desired.  That of course was       false. The opportunity to love and be loved in many different ways in the relationship is what I have come to cherish and work hard to ensure.

    Do you believe in platonic relationships between men and women?


    Are you gay or lesbian?


    Have you shared your gay / lesbian lifestyle with your family and community? -

    What was the reaction of your family and community? -

    What do you think of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages in Canada?

    I think if the gay and lesbian community believes it is important they should have the same rights as heterosexuals

    Do you have a gay or lesbian friend or relative?


    What do you think different Religions and Scriptures say about gay and lesbian lifestyle?

    I believe it is condemned in most Religions 


    Are you an immigrant? For how long have you been living outside your motherland?

    I have been in Canada for 33 years

    What do you consider the cultural differences between the two cultures?

    I came from the United States, the cultural differences seem more now then when I         arrived but there was so much I did not see then.  The difference I am aware of now         are political, spiritual and life style.

    How do you deal with your cultural conflicts?

    They are personal, as I am heart sick at the role the United States is playing in our         world. 


    Are you a Creative Person?


    How do you express your creativity [ write, paint, act or make films or in other forms] ?

    Painting and other art forms also family and friend relationships.

    Do you share your Creations with your family and community?

    yes with family

    What are the reactions of your family and community about your Creative Expressions?

    they are encouraging

    Did you experience emotional and social problems because of your Creative Personality and Lifestyle?

    no, only my own internal pressures

    How do you cope with those emotional and social problems?

    keep doing it and don’t cave into deprecating voices.

    Thank you for sharing your philosophy and lifestyle.


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