QUESTION-01. Do you believe in God? If you do why?
ANSWER-01. No, I donít believe this idea.


QUESTION-02. What are your concept / experience of God?
ANSWER-02. God is an idea.

QUESTION-03. How is your belief system different than the belief system of your family and community of origin?

ANSWER-03. My community and family donít agree with my understanding of this idea. 

QUESTION-04. How did you become an Atheist / Agnostic / Free Thinker / Humanist?

ANSWER-04. Bullah Ki jana Mein Kaun..


QUESTION-05. Why do you believe in a Religion?

ANSWER-05. I donít believe in any religion, however, I am interested in exploring human religiosity. To me exploring roots of religious behavior could be an interesting research topic.

QUESTION-06. Why do you practice your preferred religion [Islam / Christianity / Judaism / Hinduism / Sikhism / Native Spirituality etc] as opposed to not any other religious or spiritual tradition?


QUESTION-07. Do you believe in giving Religious Education to children at home and in schools?

ANSWER-07. Never! I always oppose this idea. We need to know that a child cannot understand any religion. We are just polluting minds of our children by doing that.   

QUESTION-08. Why canít we teach our children different religious and spiritual and secular traditions as part of history and let them decide when they become adults?

ANSWER-08. Dawkins says: would you talk about a four year old economic monetarist?

There is no need to teach children about our spiritual and secular traditions if we have any. Talking to a child about our spiritual and religious history is not more than a foolish idea.

QUESTION-09. What are your views about the relationship between Religion and State?

ANSWER-09. Both are crazy.

QUESTION-10. Where you do get your guidance about your moral and ethical values?

ANSWER-10. I donít need to get any moral guidance from outer world. I am mature enough to understand morality, ethics and other values.



QUESTION-11. Are you single or married?

ANSWER-11. Single

QUESTION-12. If you are single is it out of your own choice?

ANSWER-12.  Yes.

QUESTION-13. What are your views about celibacy?

ANSWER-13. If this is a norm, I donít favor this norm.

QUESTION-14. Why did you get married? Was it an arranged or a love marriage?


QUESTION-15. Do you believe in platonic relationships between men and women?

ANSWER-15. Never!

QUESTION-16. Are you gay or lesbian?

ANSWER-16. I am not.

QUESTION-17. Have you shared your gay / lesbian lifestyle with your family and community?


QUESTION-18. What was the reaction of your family and community?


QUESTION-19. What do you think of legalizing gay and lesbian marriages in Canada?

ANSWER-19.  Living with someone should be a personal choice; states shouldnít interfere in these things. I am not impressed if states prove or disprove these marriages.

QUESTION-20. Do you have a gay or lesbian friend or relative?

ANSWER-20. Yes, I have a very good friend but I wonít like to label him just because of his sexual preferences. I would never like to label him gay. Again, labeling people as gay and lesbians is not more than a foolish idea.

QUESTION-21. What do you think different Religions and Scriptures say about gay and lesbian lifestyle?



QUESTION-22. Are you an immigrant? For how long have you been living outside your motherland?

ANSWER-22. I think am inhabitant of this planet. Motherland and immigration have political tone.

QUESTION-23. What do you consider the cultural differences between the two cultures?

ANSWER-23. No simple answer.

QUESTION-24. How do you deal with your cultural conflicts?

ANSWER-24. I let them go


QUESTION-25. Are you a Creative Person?

ANSWER-25. Bulla Ki Jana Mein Kaun

QUESTION-26. How do you express your creativity [ write, paint, act or make films or in other forms] ?

ANSWER-26. By sleeping.

QUESTION-27. Do you share your Creations with your family and community?

ANSWER-27. In dreams.

QUESTION-28. What are the reactions of your family and community about your Creative Expressions?

ANSWER-28. In dreams they donít react

QUESTION-29. Did you experience emotional and social problems because of your Creative Personality and Lifestyle?

ANSWER-29. I have problems but there will be solutions.


QUESTION-30. How do you cope with those emotional and social problems?

ANSWER-30. I try to sleep.

Thank you for sharing your philosophy and lifestyle.


Name :AMRA

Age: When human specie evolved?      

Place of Birth: Earth

Present Address: somewhere on this planet



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