After reading your writings at, i find the address of your website, then from there i read very good writings, poems, letters and other different stuff on your site. Let me say that "You are great writer i have ever read in my life".  And one more thing which i want to say about myself is that I was also a Muslim two year ago, when i was 20 but today i am not. and after reading you i came to know you have experience the same thing which i have. but there is one difference that you got this experience in West and become Humanist, But me, while living in Pakistan. it is largely because of only one thing that is "Internet" because it can give me answer to questions via people like you. So i hope that when i will be of your age, i will be a more good writer than you :)

In my Transformation, articles of
Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy at had played a great role. I tried many times to write an email to him but i don't know why i always stop. And especially his article "Why Scientific revolution cannot happen in Islam". That writing was the answer to my last question.

The main purpose i email you is that is it possible that i can find your books especially "
From Islam to Secular Humanism". 

One more thing which make me feel great after reading you is that i am not alone, there are many Muslims who are not Muslims by "will".


waiting for your soon reply
Muhammad Adil
cell # 0302-691-5531
university email
dear adil...not only i did not throw your emails to trash i sent them to my friend pervaiz and asked him to put them on my website....FREEDOM FROM RELIGION...maybe we can start a dialogue with young people about that topic. letters from your friends are also welcome...sincerely sohail

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