Dear Sohail,
Thanks for including me in the discussion. As you know, I am no scholar, poet or writer, like most of you in the list. I am an average run of the mill kind of psychiatrist who likes company of good learned people like yourself. I see that your criticism on Yusufi has stirred many emotions. It is really an interesting phenomenon to see how we defend those we like and make them sacred. In your defense I would like to make few points:
1. This logic that because no one is available till now, in Urdu literature who can write better humor than Yusufi, makes him sacred and holy, and any attempt to criticize him will be taken as an assault to the integrity of entire Urdu literature, is immature and childish. Even if he is the best that does not mean he is perfect. Once we give this credence of perfection to someone, that is when the problem starts - as we see in religion all the time. Lets treat Yusufi as a human being, capable of biases and making mistakes, instead of giving him boost to a level where we can not appreciate a sincere attempt to healthy criticism.
2. I am also curious to see that some of my friends actually quote Yusufi as if they are quoting haadith or a verse from their holy book. They memorize his entire verse and repeat it as a piece of poetry. They claim that you can open his book from any page and you do not need reference to the context to appreciate the quality of literature and humor. I see several things common in most of these friends - they love literature, especially Urdu literature, they are kindhearted humorous people in general, they are religious at the core of their hearts, even though they talk about secular ideas, they are not very creative in the true sense of it and are mainly followers (of course just an observation - no offense intended).
3. Unless we allow healthy, positive and creative criticism, how in the world, we are ever going to improve? How are we ever going to produce a better writer than Yusufi, a better poet than Ghalib, a better philosopher than Iqbal, a better human than Mohammad, a better religion than Islam? I think, your attempt to criticize Yusufi is very methodical and professional. I do not think at any point you have tried to say that he is not creative or not humorous. All you are saying is that, these are the areas where I see him weak and these are his strong points. Well that is I think we need in every aspect of our lives - ANALYSIS.
Love for those who adore Yusufi and also for those who just like him.
Thanks for the opportunity.



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