Author's Note
Khalid Sohail

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

I am a poet, writer, and a psychotherapist. I was born and brought up in Pakistan, in a traditional Muslim family and culture.

My keen interest in science, literature, and philosophy has helped me challenge my blind faith and paved the way for me to adopt a non-traditional lifestyle.After studying medicine and psychiatry, I started working in my creative psychotherapy clinic as a psychotherapist in Canada.I shared my philosophical journey in my book, "From Islam to Secular Humanism



In Search of a New Prophet


In Search of a New Prophet
Humanity is in search of a new Messiah
A new Buddha, a new Devta, a new prophet
A prophet who has a song of peace in his heart
A message of justice in his mind
A melody of love in his heart
A prophet unlike the prophets of the twentieth century
Whether capitalists or communists
Atheist fanatics or religious fundamentalists
Royal rulers or army dictators
Would not embrace violence to create peace
And if we cannot find such a prophet
Then we have to realize as human beings
We have reached that stage of human evolution
That each one of us can become
A messiah, a Buddha, a Devta, a prophet
By getting in touch with our sacred selves
Finding our inner peace
Transcending our prejudice and resentment, anger and hate
Discovering harmony with Mother Nature
Rising above our religious and cultural differences and conflicts
Offering an olive branch to our enemies, our distant cousins
Realizing we are all
Members of the same family, human family, the family of the heart