From Islam To Secular Humanism by Dr. K. Sohail

A Philosophical Journey


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Published by Abbeyfield Publishers.

Dr. Sohail has become one of our foremost authors and enjoys a rising popularity amongst Canadian readers of all backgrounds. His most recent work, "From Islam to Secular Humanism," has been quickly accepted as a book of compassion and understanding by all readers. The media has been especially attentive when this work emerged in the North American market this summer.

"Sohail," as he prefers to be called, is published as a poet, "Pages of My Heart"; short story writer, "Mother Earth is Sad ", philosopher, "Growing Alone-Growing Together", "The Holy Prison", and has also been published in 
"Global Safari", a Canadian Anthology of world fiction and "Seven Angels", an American Anthology of spiritual poetry. He is a documentary film producer,(Darvesh Productions) lecturer and has appeared many times on 
broadcast media and in newspapers.

He enjoys a successful practice as a psychotherapist (Creative Psychotherapy Clinic in Whitby,Ontario, Canada). He has a one-year waiting list of new clients.. "One's own experiences the ultimate teacher." 

This significant statement by a great world leader opens Dr. Sohail's sensitively written book. Its the cornerstone of Sohail's belief. It can be heard in all its variations in the many cultures of the world. 

The author, born into an insular Muslim society, was taught only the Quran and accepted it dutifully until the day when his questions began in medical school. This first step, on a long journey of learning that continues to this day, brought him tithe acceptance of secular humanism. 

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and the rest of the world's formal religions live side by side with millions who opted out of their religious birthright. These "brothers and sisters," once adherents to concepts which 
required they submit themselves and their families to the strictures of only one" rightness", no longer live within that belief. 

His desire is that men and women of all confessions would read his book with an open mind, loosening the fetters of acceptance to decide for themselves if there is journey beckoning to be taken. If the world is to fulfill its 
promise of becoming a place of love and respect for everyone, it is through the introspection flowing through his book that individuals will be helped to practice such understanding and respect. 

Sohail has traveled the world in his search for greater truth, bringing fresh insights into his philosophy and in his care for the people who come to him for assistance.

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Abbey field Publishers Division of the Abbey field Companies Ltd.33 Spring bank Avenue Toronto Ontario M1N 1G2 T/F 416-698-8687  e-mail - abbey.



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